UPOINT:: CGI Scripts:: @1 AJAX Calendar
Live Demo:
  • View mini calendar and full-page monthly calendar.
    - Click on the event title to see details of that event.
    - Click on the date to see multiple event in collapsible-expandable view.
  • Admin Interface: Login as Administrator using "admin/admin".
    - This is a live demo except that no actual saving will be done.
    - Click on the date to add a new event. Click on the event title to modify it.


Admin Interface:

  • Add, edit and modify events.
  • Bulk delete of past events based on day range.

Public Interface:

  • There are two separate scripts which give you the mini calendar (to be embedded into existing web page) and the full-page monthly calendar (with your own header and footer).
  • The ZIP file comes with pre-defined icons but you can use your own icons. Simply create the icons and name them with *.png extension. For example, if the category is called "Book", then name your icon "Book.png".
  • Calendars are highly customizable. The script comes with 3 separate CSS files for the mini calendar, monthly calendar and main style.


  • Due to the use of JS, the description area text box can only support up to 1,024 characters including spaces.

Compare to @1 AJAX Calendar PRO:

Please note that @1 Calendar Publisher I and @1 AJAX Calendar PRO are totally two different scripts. The table below helps you to determine which script to use. We highly recommend @1 AJAX Calendar PRO.

  Calendar Publisher I AJAX Calendar PRO
Add, edit & delete events Y Y
Mini calendar Y Y
Full-page monthly calendar Y Y
Events shown using expandable/collapsible DHTML N Y
Display "Today's Events" and "Tomorrow's Events" via SSI or PHP INCLUDE Y N
Can post unlimited events for each date Y Y
Use only basic HTML Y N
use Javascripts & DHTML
Support category icons for events N Y
Can enter events over a date range N Y
AJAX loading when switching month N Y
Language used Perl PHP

Installation & Configuration:

Calling the Calendars:

  • To call the monthly calendar, simply point to month.php
  • To embed the mini calendar into your existing page, you may use either PHP Includes (if your existing page is a PHP file) or SSI (if it is a *.shtml file). See example of calling the mini calendar in SSI.

Technical Information:

  • System: Linux (not tested on Windows-based servers)
  • PHP
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed if calling the mini calendar via PHP Includes. The script, however, comes with 2 SSI files that let you call the mini calendar via SSI. These 2 files are only available in the commercial version.
  • Tested on:
    I.Explorer FireFox Chrome Opera Safari

Free Download:

  • This free version is fully functional except that:

    - the main scripts are encrypted.
    - the 2 SSI files are not included. You may only call the mini calendar via PHP Includes. Not SSI.
    - a UPOINT logo with return link will appear on top of the calendars.

(250Kb only)


Price: USD59.95

 - Minor upgrade
> FREE (example: upgrade from 1.0 to 1.3)

- Major upgrade
> $10 (example: upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0)
> Free if purchased within 6 months.

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